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Tray Highlights: 
PerfectFit Tray effortlessly attaches to the Personal LED Light Comfortable fit that anyone can wear regardless of tooth alignment. Made of high grade, BPA-FREE silicone, No hassel, No forming! Use right out of the package!


Light Highlights:
Personal LED Light custom fits to front of mouth tray for a perfect fit
Light doubles as a timer! Automatic 10-minute shutoff with audible prompt tone
Contains 5-LED light bulbs
Cool light technology means it will NOT cause sensitivity
Front shield of light helps prevent lips from wiping away the gel, resulting in better whitening results
Batteries included
Batteries contain plastic insert so lights do not turn on during transit and waste battery life

2-in-1 Led Light and Perfect Fit Whitening Tray

  • Instructions:

    • For first use, twist open back of light and remove and discard the plastic tab in between batteries
    • Ensure the light and mouth tray are properly together
    • Place a small line of whitening gel half way up the inner front surface of tray for both the upper and lower
    • Press the button to turn ON the Personal LED Light and enter into a 10-minute countdown
    • Insert clear plastic shield into mouth, hold between lips and teeth, and use for recommended wear time
    • After 10-minutes, the light will automatically turn OFF with an audible prompt tone. Either restart the light for another 10-minute session or your treatment is complete
    • When finished, remove tray from mouth and separate light from tray
    • Rinse mouth and tray with warm water
    • Repeat daily until desired result


    Light Features:

    Fixed Voltage: DC6V (CR2450 3V*2)
    Light Intensity: 2000~3000 mcd
    Light: 5pcs LED
    Wavelength: 460~480nm
    Continuous use 48 hours

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